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Who is the monster under your bed

Actually, his name is Herbert. He's a Monster Beats Pro cross between dust bunnies and cockroaches, and he is the one that rattles under your bed when you are trying to sleep. He's harmless of course, he exists to scare away nightmares. See, the night mares are terrified of his long gray ears and smokey gray legs. Being a cockroach offspring gives him long life and a terrible disposition. The dust bunny side of him is rather laid back and gives him an urge to hide under the bed.

He never comes out from under the bed of course. The mere idea of coming out into the light terrifies HIM, so you're perfectly safe fro Monster Beats Tour m his antics. You see, the night mare's path lies through the center of the floor under the bed, and it's Herbert's job to lie in wait for them and scare them off. Since nightmares are only scary when they make it into your head, Herbert does a fabulous job of keeping them away from you and letting the sweet dreams come through.

It is well known that the sweet drea salesbeatsbydre ms are light surrounded, and since Herbert doesn't like light, the sweet dreams slide quickly under the bed and up the bed post to give you a restful night's sleep.

So whenever you wake up happy and r Monster Beats efreshed from a night's sleep, you can thank Herbert for doing his job. Make your bed and make sure that the bed skirt is low to the floor. That way Herbert will get his proper day's rest and be ready to guard the floor under the bed every night. Nightmares beware!
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