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I Had same thing with me rod yates bodi Beats Blog ed ulster rep, Having broken the first crankshaft and Borrowed a complete bottom end from Dave Wilcox 7 years ago of happy running and was really a thrown together engine with just a supalloy head and down draft su carb and was running really well and went really loose until I ran one of the big ends last year! Now just in the middle of putting it back together using the old crankcase which now had a new steel lip, Iv had a nice top end done by Dave flake's son, complete with new old stock austin pistons! Just had the white me Monster Beatstaling back from John kirkby croydon and what a super job he has done. Using a Austin crank crack tested and redy to go from Tony Betts so hopefully should go again! But will run using a ruby head this time give the supalloy a rest! but before the old engine ran a big end was really good so can relate to your story well! Happy sevening Joe

Location: Ullesthorpe, Leicestershire

Checked the jets - seemed clear - finally started the engine again very carefully. It ran quietly for a short time then started rattling ominously. I gritted my teeth and pushed in the clutch- the noise stopped as though by magic, then started again after releasing - but I still didn't get why. Ran it for a while experime Heart Beats nting - same effect- still the penny didn't drop.

Then I spoke to a few Austin 7 people- diagnosis - a loose flywheel

Idiot me

It made more noise than I thought a loose flywhStudio eel would make but this suggestion fitted with the other loose bits on this car over the last two years since it was rebuilt by the previous owner, in particular the rear hubs which had finger tight axle nuts

Next step engine out to confirm

Got the engine out of the little monster yesterd . Monster Beats UK y, I am having a rest today

The flywheel nut was finger tight - the tab washer stopping it from unscrewing. Don't know how long it has been loose but this could explain some engine rumbling over the past two years. Fortunately no great damage in the tapers or the key (must be my careful driving )
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