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What colleges offer a degree in wedding planning

Answerplease understand from  Wedding Guest Dresses  someone who has been in the university setting and business world for a very long time. Do not get a degree in wedding planning, even if you could. It would be a virtual waste of time. In fact some may even laugh at you for doing this. The skills you would gain, wouldn't transfer in any way shape or form. All you need to do this kind of work is by working in the field. There are no standards or degree r  Cheap Evening Dresses equirments. Save your money, get a degree in business, eg. finance or accounting. These skills will transfer anywhere.

I personally think you should look in the mirror and say could I see myself doing this daily if not choose a different career If you are positive that yo . Prom Dresses u want to go in this field then go for it there is a college called Penn State it offers a great wedding planning course I myself is going to apply for it It is not a WASTE 2.3 million couples wed every year so that is 6,200 weddings a day and that is 72 million dollars a wedding planner is close to reaching a year and I am pretty sure you would want To make that kind of bills .

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