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When I think of Werner Herzog documentaries I think 'boring', though watched one on C4 tonight about a death-row inmate in Texas, where else, who said there's about one execution a week of inmates at that prison alone.

For those of us who favour the death penalty in certain cases .  Monster Beats Sale, should whether it should be commuted if the condemned admits the offence, and really seems genuinely changed and remorseful even be a dilemma ?

I don't think I could flick a switch to kill someone if I believed them to be genuinely, wholeheartedly repentant and transformed, suffering through the knowledge of what they did, and struggling with how to even begin to make amends.

Or of course if there were credible evidence casting serious doubt upon the validity of their conviction.

Whereas I'd happily dispatch the old monster Ian Brady to the afterlife, who at least doesn't even attempt to fabricate remorse, and wants to die anyway.

The guy in the programme, Hank Skinner, claims to have no memory of the night Beats By Dre of the murder of his girlfriend and her two sons in 1995, as he was 'out of it' under the influence of alcohol, and medication for a bad cold, and he suspects someone else.

It seems there is some evidence supporting that claim, and he's certainly articulate, and not unlikeable.

I seem to gradually be becoming more 'left wing' in my outlook. Not that communist regimes have any sensitivities regarding the death penalty, though of course in Britain today support for it is associated with being 'right wing', and opposition to it 'left wing'.

Basically I only favour it for repugnant sadists who've acted premeditatedly.

Today I began reading Natascha Kampusch' s book 3,096 days, about her being kidnapped, in Austria. I'm listening to Gustav Mahler's sixth, or 'tragic' symphony.

Why am I inclined to feel drawn to shades of darkness ? I think partly because I'm basically an unhappy person. Also too much vulgar, silly, superficial nonsense irritates me.

I have a sense of humour, and love it when I can spontaneously laugh, though feel alienated by most 'comedy'.

A special event will be transpiring at the tiny Southwold Cinema later today (Friday). A lady, who's been afflicted by MS for many years, will be marrying a German man who she knew in their youth, who 'out of the blue' got in touch with her about a year ago.

As the venue is so small they've not been able to invite all their friends. I've never been there, but I believe it mimics cinemas from about 85 years ago. When I heard that during their marriage ser Monster Beats vice an organ will come up I couldn't help smiling.


Having or using the death penalty is a very emotive subject, i'm not always sure what my stance on it is. It may well depend on the crime really and how obnoxious it was, but having said that murder is murder no matter how it is wrapped up.

I know that i couldn't literally pull the switch or give the lethal injection personally but there are millions who could.

I'm sorry to read that you feel you are an unhappy person Martin, it is sad to think that your life doesn't give you the happiness you surely deserve. Only a few lucky ones can walk round with a smile on their faces all the time, most of us have problems to deal with but we do expect to have some happy times. I really hope that things improve for you before long, it must be your turn soon for the 'good' times.

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