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4 Advantages of a Cupcake Wedding Cake

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If you're reading this then you are most likely planning your wedding, or perhaps helping a friend plan hers. This is a day that you may have pictured your entire life. However, when you were planning your wedding chances are you never pictured having cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake! While this may be a newer idea to some, many are finding that it is a very simple and fun option. But why would someone do this, you may ask. Let's look at four advantages to having a cupcake wedding cake.

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First of all, cupcakes are much easier to transport. Consider how most wedding cakes today have many different layers that are boxed separately and then put together at the wedding reception. Or, some bakeries layer the cake all at once and try to transport the entire thing to your wedding. In some cases, cake layers end up melted, dropped, and so on, which would ruin this fun part of the wedding.

Cupcakes however are generally boxed side by side and the boxes are full, leaving little room for the cupcakes to slide and get ruined. Because traditional wedding cakes take a great deal of time to assemble at the reception site, your baker will be charging top dollar for this additional work. Cupcakes, however, do not need to be "assembled." This is much easier on your pocketbook.

The second advantag    Mermaid Wedding Dresses Online e is that cupcakes are much, much easier to serve. Some reception halls actually charge money for cutting and serving cake but with a cupcake wedding cake this fee can be avoided. Without worrying about having to make perfect cuts, you can have a friend serve the cupcakes, or even have the guests serve themselves. This not only costs less, but takes the worry out of serving.

The third advantage of a cupcake wedding cake is the option of getting different flavors. With an actual wedding cake you can be very limited in this regard. However, with a cupcake wedding you have so many different options of flavors that it will be sure to match each of your guests own and unique tastes, leaving everyone with a happy and memorable experience.

Do you have to sacrifice beauty for convenience? No. Wedding cupcakes can have all the decorations of traditional wedding cakes. Figurines of the happy couple, bells, doves or hearts; decorations of flowers, fruits, candy, ribbons, jewelry and so on can all be used to decorate cupcakes as beautifully as traditional cakes.

The fourth advantage to having a cupcake wedding cake is the final result - the individual serving. Were you ever served a piece of wedding cake with a part of a decoration which you couldn't identify? With a cupcake wedding cake, each serving is individually decorated. The result? Each guest is served a beautifully decorated piece of cake.

Consider these advantages to having a cupcake wedding cake for your special day. They're beautiful, elegant, delicious, and appreciated by brides and guests alike!

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