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6 Ways To Wear A T

You've worn them since you w  Bootcut Jeans ere a baby. You throw them on without thinking twice. Did you even consider that you were ahead of the fashion curve all these years?

The T-shirt has emerged as one of the hottest trends to hit the streets, although it's been around for what seems like forever. Simple enough, right? With all the different options out there, you can't really go wrong by wearing a T-shirt. Between the bright colors, striped patterns, polo collars, retro designs, and cool statements, chances are you'll be sporting one of the season's most popular styles.

Before aiming for the tees that areTreligionjeansoutlet  up to par, keep in mind that the trend consists of a well-fitting T-shirt, so baggy T-shirts and sleeveless Ts are not as hot this year.

The Polo T With the re-emergence of preppy brands like Lacoste and Ralph Lauren, the classic polo T-shirt has never been so popular. While golfers and prepsters have been sporting the neckline for years, it seems everyone is jumping on the polo bandwagon.

Basic polo T-shirts are stylish, but if you really want to go all the way, then you should sport a polo T-shirt in either a bright color (orange, yellow, green, and aqua blue are very popular), or that features stripes. Or mix both trends and wear a bright polo with stripes, such as the Kenneth Cole T-shirt featured here.

Layer it with: Wear a basic polo T-shirt underneath your bright colored polo T.

The Striped T While I already mention  ed the stripes trend in the previous section, this cannot be emphasized enough. Horizontal stripes of any size are huge this year, and are showing up on ties, rugby shirts, and other items. With stripes, there's a wide range of how bold you can go, depending on the size and thickness of the stripes, and the colors used. This T-shirt by Hollister Co. shows how you can even blend different sizes of stripes for a stylish look.

Layer it with: Wear a polo T-shirt underneath your bold striped T-shirt.

The Ringer T Basic crewneck T-shirts have always been a fashion staple for men, but now they're more of a trend than a necessity. Ringer Ts specifically feature a separate color on the collar and around the sleeves, as seen on this one by Theory, giving an otherwise plain T-shirt a touch of detail. Whether you wear yours while working out or hitting the beach, these T-shirts will ring the ladies' bells.


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