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matching jackets while runners and Click to view reporters wear their own identifying colors. In addition, hand signals help the transactions take place quickly and convey the needed information across the room effectively and confidentially.

Buyers shout out their bids to other brokers in the pit while sellers shout out the price they are willing to sell. Eventually, buyers connect with sellers and reach a price that they agree on and a trade is made.

You can buy REIT shares on an open exchangeTrue Religion Jeans or you can go the mutual fund route and invest in a mutual fund that specializes in real estate investment trusts.

Buying REITs allows shareholders to enjoy investing in real estate without having to go out and houses. A REIT can be a high-yield, liquid investment that allows you to invest in the real estate market.

REITs come in different forms. An equity REIT purchase s and owns properties with revenues coming from rents. Mortgage REITs loan money to the real estate owners with revenues coming mainly from interest earned on the loans. A hybrid REIT takes both strategies and invests in both real estate property and mortgages.

Advantages of owning REITs include special tax considerations, high yields, liquidity, and (in some cases) the ability to reinvest dividends through a Dividend ReInvestment Plan (DRIP).

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