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My best friend is getting married in a couple of months and she just needs the Ball Gown Wedding Dresses UK final touches to make the reception spectacular!We need help coming up with center pieces for the tables(About 35 tables/350 guests)And games to play for the guests to win the center piece.Centerpieces:My aunt had a great idea for my wedding.We put a square mirror on the table with a short, wide clear bowl.Then we filled the bowl with pink clear marble stones(I not sure exactly what they were)And put 3 waterproof lights in the bottom.Then we put some ivy in the water.Everything reflected off the mirror, and it was pretty with the lights.The other thing is these are really inexpensive, and can be put together in just a couple of minutes.Songs:Music from the 50 etc.The old people will like it because they lived through that time period, and the younger people will like it because it kindof coming back into style. Especially wellknownSongs, like those from Grease: )Also, the bunny hop chicken dance kids know those, and adults can have fun with them too. The guests won be bothered if they don love some of theSongs, and the bride and groom will want to be able to dance toSongs that are especially meaningful to them, even if no one else dances to those.Favors:Picture frames with an engagement picture of the bride and groom.These can be printed in Prom Dresses UK bulk at walmart, or you can print them see results about Bridesmaid Dresses UK at home.Also, you can get frames pretty inexpensively at the dollar store, or buy them in bulk.The guests can have a nice memento from the wedding, and later use it to display one of their own favorite pictures!
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