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Dresses for Weddings great deals to be laid to rest Supers rene marsh newtown

2 more shooting Graduation Dresses 2014 UK victims Dresses for Weddings great deals to be laid to rest

Supers rene marsh newtown, ctWcbsrev.Gwendolyn glover mourner wcbs(Burned in)Wcbs(Burned in)Lillian bittman former chairwoman, newtown board of education wtnh(Burned in)Lt.Paul vance connecticut state police rene marsh newtown, ct lead in schools reopen today in newtown, connecticut all except for sandy hook elementary the site of the tragic shooting.This as young victims are laid to Wedding Dresses UK: rest.Rene marsh has the latest. (Reporter on cam)Six year old charlotte bacon loved school and dresses, six year old jessica rakos loved horses.They are the next two children to be laid to rest.Reporter pkgas follows the mourning continues in newtown, connecticut today, two more young victims will be laid to rest.On monday, mourners said a final goodbye to six year old jack pinto it was very sad, very sad, family took it as hard as they would take it losing a first grader.And a large crowd showed up to say goodbye to six year old noah pozner.I started to cry, it's just really close to home with memories of the shooting still fresh, students in the area head back to school, except for sandy hook elementary students.On monday, supplies and equipment were moved from sandy hook to a school in a neighboring town where sandy hook students will eventually return to class.We really need to lead with love.And that's what i'm seeing our community do.We know as investigators that people of ct and newtown want to know what happened.We're going to do that, we'll paint a crystal clear picture.Reporter on cam tag the atf will also canvass all gun ranges it's been reported the shooter went to target practice with his mother.

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