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What is the idea behind the design of the chef hat toque

The "special hat" is as old as the profession. 
True Religion UK Sale Prior to restaurants (it is generally assumed that a man by the name of Boulanger started this in Paris when he, in defiance of the food guilds started offering food in his watering hole) chefs were employed by rich families. Since many of those organizations were ran and structured like military organizations decorations and tall hats were a given.

Along comes a man by the name of Escoffier (1846-1935) who had a problem. As the head of food service for the emerging Ritz-Carlton empire in London he was charged with streamlining kitchens and making them financially less ruinous. Prior to Escoffier, most people followed the teachings of Marie-Antoine Careme, Treligionjeansoutlet
True Religion Jeans UK a French pastry chef who branched out into savory but brought with him the flourishes and extreme decorativeness of pastry work.

Under Careme it was all about decor and decorum. Chefs had to look like massive peacocks with colors and badges and medals, on plateau shoes and wearing huge feathery hats.

Escoffier returned from the lavish looks back to a more military approach to streamline his kitchen. Cooks wore white jackets, chefs white jackets with black trims, commis wore white, cooks green, chefs de partie blue, and chefs red neckerchiefs. There was only one issue - kitchens during the early 20th century still tried to fulfill
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  Careme "decorum" doctrine, often employing as many as 40 cooks to cook for 200 diners (something we do, today, thanks to technology and Escoffier with five or less cooks). In such a kitchen the "peacock" was not a bad idea - even in the heat of service everyone could ascertain with one glance where the chef was. Either to ask a question or to quickly hide the booze when he came over.

So Escoffier, committed to streamlining, modernizing,  and minimalizing kitchens, had to find a way to make chefs still stand out. A taller toque was the answer. Between the berets (cooks), ships (commis), and simple hats (chefs de partie) that was a standout.

The "101 creases for 101 ways to cook an egg" line is a myth. Under Escoffier these hats had no creases but holes punched into the top for ventilation.

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